The services I am offering have different remunerations. Each service has its labour-related costs, depending an deployment duration and the kind of service itself.
Discounts are also granted for long term deployments as well as the service types can be mixed for a specific offer, dealing best for you and your company.
Call me so that I can submit an offer to you > "Contact". We will sum up your CAD business situation and discuss the key benefits you could get with "Phase 2"/ automation in CATIA V5.

Extracts of my > general terms and conditions - all services have in common:

  • will have to be ordered in units (1 day/8 hours each); exceptions: phone hotline, see > "consulting" or if stipulated in special proposals (i.e unit = 1 hour, minimum 3 units a day)
  • no CATIA license included from my side. The customer will have to provide an adequate license for the job if necessary for doing this kind of service
  • any expenses incurred if the travel distance exceeds 50 kilometers, will be part of monthly invoices and part of the proposals
  • issuing an invoice: each end of a month, latest at the end of a project.

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